Sunday, 3 March 2013

Paper Flowers!

I have been making paper flowers by the bunch recently! It is something to keep the hands busy while watching the tv, stops me digging into a bag of crisps or sweets etc and is therapuetic and calming. So what to do when the three, YES! Three tins, you have a are full to bursting with flowers?! Well, i made more wreaths!

You might remember my post a few weeks ago showing you my pink wreath, well, here i've gone and made some more as well as using left over flowers from that pink wreath to add to a birdhouse shaped card for a friend's birthday coming up soon. Get ready for lots of pictures! I wanted to show some of the pretty blooms in close up!

Each wreath has been made using Craftwork Cards products - chipboard shapes, die cut flowers, patterened papers and ribbons. The flowers were then attached using Pinflair gel glue and sprayed to within an inch of its life with Spray and Sparkle! The birdhouse shaped card and sentiment on there are also Craftwork Cards.

So here goes!

First up is the birdhouse card - i've used my candi upside down along the roof and popped some silver Stickles glitter glue in each.

Next up we have a very bright Spring coloured circle wreath - I'm thinking of giving this to a friend when her baby is born next month and really hoping she'll like it!

The next wreath i worked on last night is a pink and red mix with pink and red ribbons - its also my first heart shaped wreath - i've added a few small individual flowers between the hanging ribbon as I didn't realise 7 blooms wouldn't be enough! I think it works though.

And finally, some of the blooms I had made lend themselves very well to.... dare I say it.... Christmas! I didn't have a matching green organza so have gone with lots of red ribbons and sprayed it with gold Spray and Sparkle instead of the silver.

So that's where i've been at this week. I've got some Easter themed ATCs to make this week for a swap and I should really make a mother's day card for my mum.... oh and it's hubby's birthday on Wednesday - better not forget that!

Be back soon
Mo xxx

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  1. Wonderful wreaths.
    So pretty and so adaptable.
    I'm going to try to make one for each season or occasion to brighten up a blank wall near my front door.
    Started a bit ar*e for elbow by making a Christmas one first though. Lol