Monday, 18 March 2013

Gorjuss Altered Board Book

I have been exploring the phenoma of Altered Art this week and in my travels I came across this Altered Board Book by Lydia Levy a DT member over at Tsunami Rose Designs. She uses a child's board book - the thick pages and excellent binding make it very good for altering, it is thick and sturdy and you dont need to bind it yourself - check out her YouTube tutorial and see what you think!
She has used a gorgeous set of printable papers by Tsunami Rose called Life Abloom - a beautiful set!

As you may know, I have four children and we are surrounded at times with books - many of which have been chewed by one or more of said children - but I took myself off to the bedrooms in search of something to use! I found a small book, only 10 pages, inclusive of the covers, - the kind you get in a small 'library', maybe with 6 in a box.... this one used to be a tale of Piglet and Roo! It had been altered somewhat already - ie someone took a colouring pen to it!!! But no signs of chewed corners - all still smooth and straight so I took it to my desk and pulled out the Ultimate A4 Die-Cuts pack and my 6x6 papers - all from the new DoCrafts/Santoro Gorjuss range.

I covered each page with the papers and added some stripey Gorjuss paper to the spine, with a ribbon detail. The edges of the book were painted with black acrylic as were the fold lines between each page, some paint was added to a couple of the pages for detail too.

 I embellished the front with some crushed card Candi and some die cuts, and added 'with love' to a banner.

As I started to add ribbons and images to the pages, I was inspired to make this a creation to give to my neice. Her name is Sky and she's having a hard time right now - I added her name in Gorjuss sticker letters and made it say 'The SKY's the limit!'

I added polka dot ribbon pulls for opening the pages. And added some wording on a few tags inside. 

I found a few quotes that I think she will appreciate and hand wrote these on a couple of the pages - using the lines of the papers as a guide.

This is, in my mind, a very simple example of an altered book. The board style book leaves no room for 3D work inside - otherwise the book will not close. I thought about adding a pocket and tag but may put something like this on the back with a tag that pulls out - I will update this post if i do decide to add that.

I am happy with how this has turned out and I am very much looking forward to doing another altered book project - perhaps a notebook/journal, something with more scope for 3D work, pockets, embellishments throughout. Watch this space!

Mo xxx


  1. Great little book Maureen. I'm sure Sky will love it. It looks fantastic.

  2. it is lovely Maureen i have made a lot of altered board books .They are great

  3. Mo, this is amazing! I love it! Andrea xxx