Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Chalkola Chalk Markers

It's almost Christmas and there is still time to get those last minute gifts for your crafty friends and loved ones via Amazon! If you're finding it hard to think of something... check out these fabulous Chalk Markers from Chalkola!

Pack of 10 Neon Coloured Chalk Markers
Pack of 8 Earth Coloured Markers
These arrived on my doorstep one rainy Sunday afternoon courtesy of Amazon Prime next day delivery and I loved them on sight! An excellent range of colours - brights in the neon pack and darker tones in the 'Earthy' pack. Perfectly complimenting each other.

The packaging states that they can be used on all hard non porous surfaces and they are washable - very important in my house with children who love to draw in all the wrong places! Although, they're not getting their sticky mitts on my new pens!

I opened up the brights and grabbed the purple first, being my favourite colour.
On opening, the tip has no colour - shake the pen and 'pump' the ink into the nib by pressing down onto paper or a wipe clean surface. The colour was bright and thick, not drippy, a very good consistency. I may then have drawn a couple of doodles on the fridge door!!! Good thick colour, bright and quick drying. A quick swipe with a damp cloth and it was clean again.

My daughter and I got a few more pens out, inked them up and had a play on the fridge! These go on smooth and creamy, dry quickly and without running. I popped them in my bag for work and used them for a Christmas chalkboard display for an upcoming charity day -
The white is stunning on the chalkboard - crisp lines and solid colour. The festive red and green perfect for holly and I can't wait to use the colours into the New Year for the World Cancer Day boards - the blue/pink/purple will be perfect for the CRUK colour scheme.

I've also used the pens on the shop windows and on the inspirational glass story board in the shop. They are easier to clean than the chalk pens provided by headoffice and stay bright and clear.
I have been using them for a few weeks now and am yet to be disappointed or find a negative.

Thanks for reading!
Mo xxx

(Disclaimer, I have received product for free or at a discount in exchange for an accurate, unbiased and honest review.)

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