Saturday, 8 August 2015

Memorial Hop for Lily Chilvers of The Octopode Factory

I recently started working for Cancer Research UK as the manager of one of their retail stores, focused on selling donated goods to help pay for research into over 200 types of cancer. We recently lost my aunt after a gruelling battle against Breast Cancer which metastasised into her bones. Two of my other aunts and my brother have all battled one form or other of this devastating disease. 

And then we lost Lily. A wonderful artist, beautiful person inside and out. A great light has gone out. 
The plan was for this hop to remember her and her art and pay tribute to that light. I regretfully haven't been able to make a new project for this hop, with the job and school holidays, it's just been crazy and time slipped away... as it so often does.
Here are a few projects that I have made in the past with some of her images.
The blog list is further down the post. I hope you enjoy this hop.

 I love David Bowie and being able to get him in digi format as Jarrod is amazing!

I love the other movie references that Lily created too - 

Thank you for your wonderful art Lily, Rest in Peace. 

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  1. Wonderful tribute projects to celebrate Lily and her art!

  2. Ah these are all brilliant, Sorry to hear of your losses Much Love H xx

  3. Cancer sucks! I'm a survivor so I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm sorry for the losses you've had to deal with, it's never easy. On a lighter note, your projects are wonderful. Hugs!

  4. Hi Mo...great Octopode Factory projects! The Hop is a great way to honor Lily and her artwork!

  5. Cancer does suck, no matter how young or how old. Sorry for your losses, Mo. Loving your projects. xxD

  6. Lovely words from you there Mo. I hope you get some piece knowing that you're contributing towards the fight against this terrible disease! Lovely projects from you as usual :-) xx

  7. Beautiful projects Mo and a great tribute. Don't work to hard at that job - you still need to rest and relax at some point !!!!
    Sorry I am a bit late hopping by - had some problems !

    IKE xxx